The Memory Game

Through Engenhoca and in partnership with Família Ovo and Fábrica Estúdios we created this free app, with original sounds and music, for kids all ages!

The Content

The app uses original illustrations from Família Ovo, a clothing brand for kids that is currently located in Recife, Brazil. All the characters from the most recent collections were used to create the cards that actually form the game. The design and art direction was responsibility of Daniel Edmundson, a great designer and partner of Mooz Design & Branding, a digital agency also located in Recife.

The music was created by Fábrica, and instead of using musical instruments, only the mouth was used for both sound effects and music! That's right, all those cool trakcs you can listen in the game are a product of artists performing their little vocal magic.

Memory Game is available in 2 languages: Brazilian portuguese and English. It's available RIGHT NOW on the App Store! Go get it!

Família Ovo

Fábrica Estúdios