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Software House

Quality and Speed

We have put together people with years of industry expertise and thousands and thousands of hours in analysis, architecture and software development. Our seasoned team has worked with a wide variety of products, and our focus is on development for mobile devices and infrastructure services.

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Communication is one of our best skills, so be it in Brazil or in the USA, there will always be someone in our team ready to tackle the biggest challenges. Our clients will be in direct contact with our team through the whole process, thus avoiding delays and communication interruptions.


Telecom Services

We offer custom software and VoIP network solutions. We have in-house knowledge to work with mobile apps that use VoIP technology, and also work with partners for providing solutions in diverse areas of the industry, such as predictive dialers, carrier services and IP PBXs.


Established in Rio de Janeiro, NOO is a digital Magazine which has conquered a huge audience by using social media and producing great content. We've helped NOO to upgrade the iOS app to accomodate changes, and we've been helping NOO by testing and advising on their new backend, aiming at a better growth experience on the mobile apps.

Estácio de Sá e-Reader

Estácio pioneered the usage of tablets in higher education in Brazil. In 2011, we helped Estácio create and release the e-reader platform for distribution of digital content. The first batch targeted 2,000 law students, and in 2012 that number went up to 6,000 in other courses and campi. The e-reader was 100% developed by Mafuá, and from inception to deployment we had only 5 months. The first version was ready in only 3 months, and the transition was smooth and successful!

Gato Sabido e-Reader
Gato Sabido was the first eBook store in Brazil, founded in 2009. In 2011, Mafuá partnered with them in order to provide technology for distributing digital content to their users, as well as develop a White Label business for e-Readers.

Gato Sabido has been acquired by Grupo Abril, Brazil's largest publisher, in order to leverage their content and technology to its already large systems.


UP3 Group

UP3 is a digital agency based in Miami, FL, with whom we enjoy a healthy relationship. We've worked and consulted for UP3, and recently we helped them release the Helio Castroneves app to Android, based on their original creation for the iOS platform.

Fábrica Estúdios

Fábrica is a well-established and full fledged recording studio from Recife, Brazil. Fábrica has created the amazing music and sounds from Família Ovo Memory Game and is currently helping us create more apps with original content. Stay tuned for more from Mafuá and Fábrica!


Mafuá and Xeriph created a strategic partnership in order to provide e-reader solutions to the Brazilian market. We've successfully deployed the Estácio project, and we continue to seek more opportunities in the same space.

Along with Gato Sabido, Xeriph has been acquired by Grupo Abril.