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Education = Priority

We are creating applications that help people learning. We don't want to fully replace textbooks, but we definitely want to help students becoming more engaged in new learning experiences, create exciting interactions with peers through games and social experiments.

Why it matters...

We believe it so badly that the learning experience can be augmented and explored as new devices and media become available to the general public. Our next steps are to create more apps and license technology to schools and educators, helping the creation of bridges between students, parents, educators and executives.

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We are creating a brand in Brazil focused on the development of education software and games, with original graphics and music. Engenhoca developes educational and fun games that stimulate thinking and imagination, designed with great care. If parents wish, they can also play along. Joy is for all ages.
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By using games and social interactions, we can bring people together and help them share their experiences. Learning is no longer a matter of remembering things, it is now a factor of experiences using Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Languages and so many other subjects surrounding us!

Our apps aim at leveraging what you already know - your games, your contacts in Facebook and Twitter, your online behavior - with the "whys" related to that. Have you ever wondered how Angry Birds works? Have you ever thought about what happens during a chemical reaction and not only once it's completed? Stay tuned, these and plenty more are the answers we are preparing to you!