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We developed the first education-oriented e-Reader in Brazil, in partnership with Xeriph, a Brazilian company specialized in digital content delivery, willing to replace or complement study material for one of the biggest private Universities in Brazil.

This technology can be licensed in two different ways: a "white label" package which allows online libraries to offer a selection of digital books to their readers, and an extended offer with customized features and integration with proprietary systems.


It is very easy to integrate a bookstore or book collection - all previously purchased content is imported into the content delivery network (CDN), and it's thus made available to your users. New purchases are automatically pushed too, very convenient and hassle free. Fractions was created as an experiment to merge HTML5 technologies and native code to bring the best possible experience with beautiful and lightweight graphics.


Some people think of notes as little cards where they can add thoughts about a book or page, others like to write on the whitespace. We provide an easy to use note creation and navigation mechanism, which allows you quickly add these information bits to your books. These notes are also used as bookmarks, and you can find the pages to which they relate.


Search from within. Without disrupting the reading, users are able of performing searches on Wikipedia®, Google™ and Wiktionary® by simply selecting some text. Even if you select more than one word, we will break it down for you, so you can conveniently choose what needs to be queried.


Bookmarks are added by simply tapping on the top right corner of a book. It can be removed by doing the same thing. The collection of bookmarks is available on screen for users to navigate their reading material back and forth with ease.


There are five options for navigating books.


The search mechanism scans every single word in a book and matches your search when available by highlighting the search terms while navigating to the next page. Forward and backwards searches are available.


You can upload your books and PDF files, with or without DRM, to the devices carrying our technology. They will be automatically loaded into your library and the metadata, if any, will be used to properly name and categorize your books.


We support the Adobe® DRM, and we are also able to accomodate new formats of DRM and cryptography to protect your documents. The reader technology works with both DRM and non-DRM files.


Your users can easily share notes and highlights with their circle of friends by using our proprietary and dedicated social network. You can also choose to provide integration with open networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.